Fast Fashion what it is

“Nice and cheap!”. But not all that glitters is gold: this is what Fast Fashion is and the consequences of the phenomenon

Fast fashion what it is. The age at which one begins to dress “in fashion” is getting lower and lower. With the change of generations, the importance that is given to the garments, to the trends of the moment, has also changed. Nowadays, following fashion is for everyone, and maybe that’s why some clothing chains are growing so much. The secret? Beautiful and cheap clothes. Let’s try to understand more by explaining what is Fast Fashion and what are the consequences.

Fast fashion, what is it?

Therefore the world of fashion is in continuous and rapid growth. And so among the shops there is more and more rush to those who offer trendy garments at the lowest possible price on the market, in order to win over customers. But we know that behind the low cost, there is always something dark. Just like what came out on Shein, the online shopping giant. And it is precisely on this that Fast Fashion is based, that is to offer its buyers low quality clothes at absolutely competitive prices, continuous availability of goods and constant renewal of the collections. This is what Fast Fashion is: large-scale productions then. But what does this entail?

Shein, the terrible truths about the business of this shopping giant

The world of fashion

It is true that more and more attention is being paid to the vast world of fashion. The interest in vintage is back and the phenomenon of trading app like Vinted or Depop, where you can sell your used clothes or buy second-hand clothes. But while attention to sophisticated clothing has grown, so too is the increasingly high purchase of low-quality garments at an affordable price. So that you have a wardrobe full of clothest-shirts and pants for every occasion and be able to be fashionable without having spent a fortune. And for those who are young and simply want to have the wardrobe full, it is normal not to reflect on what is behind a low-cost fashion. So let’s see specifically what the consequences of Fast Fashion are.

Fast fashion what it is

So what is the phenomenon of Fast Fashion?

In essence, Fast Fashion includes all those large chains of clothing stores around the world. Who are successful and work thanks to the exorbitant quantity of constantly evolving goods and at low costs. This allows practically the entire population to purchase large quantities of items without spending a fortune. However, to support these exorbitant production rates, companies operate in countries where labor costs almost zerolet’s talk about workers that given the drastic conditions, in order to have a job they accept to be exploited and underpaid.

Fast Fashion what it is and the consequences

The most serious consequences: exploitation and pollution

Selling clothing at a low price means devaluing some of the most important aspects of the production phase. What does this mean? It means that in order to get the maximum result from the takings, workers’ wages are reduced to a minimum, making the latter work in very serious and inhumane conditions. But not only. In addition to the humanitarian aspect, however, the issue also concerns the environment. The fabrics of these garments are in fact chosen on the basis of cost and certainly not on theharmful impact they could have on the environment during production. Hence, almost no attention is paid to the pollution released into the air by toxic and aggressive dyes used, for example, to dye clothes. Furthermore, factories are often a situation near land that is irreversibly affected by the use of pesticides used by these great shopping giants.

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