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Gua sha, the face massage stone that you can also use to fight cellulite

Did you know that gua sha can also be used on the body? It seems that its benefits are also able to counteract the imperfections of cellulite by making your legs appear more toned.

Many know it for its benefits dedicated to the tone of the skin of the face, but the gua sha stone it can also be used on the body to counteract the blemishes of cellulite. It is usually used for facial massage but on TikTok the use on the body is depopulated, which deserves to be tried: if it does not work, you will still have given yourself a relaxing cuddle. In fact, combined with the application of an oil, gua sha seems stimulate circulation deflating the legs and counteracting the imperfections of cellulite.

What is gua sha

Il gua sha it is a typical stone of traditional Chinese medicine: originally it was made with bones or coins, while today we generally find it in rose quartz or jade. Its name indicates the treatment for which the stone is used, and literally means “to scrape off the disease”. Today it is used for re-oxygenate the tissues and fight the signs of aging, obtaining a more toned, young and fresh look.

Gua sha for the body

In addition to the face, where gua sha is used to define the jaw line and to counteract double chin and skin relaxation, gua sha can also be tried on the body to define legs and arms and counteract imperfections. A beauty hack that is popular on TikTok where there are many videos showing how to use the oriental stone on the body.

The secret seems to be to combine the massage with the stone an oil to stimulate lymphatic drainage and the elimination of toxins. The massage must be repeated in the area to be treated with the same movement: for example, you can treat the thigh area to make it more toned and defined by moving the gua sha from bottom to top starting from the knee to the groin, repeating the movement several times. The pressure should be light and you shouldn’t feel any pain. You will be able to use gua sha on your body for a period of time 5 to 15 minutesrepeating the massage 5 to 10 times per area.

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