Lip blushing is the beauty treatment to even out or change the symmetry of the lips

Lip blushing is the beauty treatment to even out or change the symmetry of the lips

There is a lot of curiosity about lip blushing, the ideal beauty treatment to even out or change the symmetry of the lips. Not only that, this practice also improves the color which unfortunately fades over time and corrects any scars and trauma. The treatment also makes the lips appear fuller, which means that fillers can also be dispensed with. While the procedure itself is quite simple, there are some things that are important to consider before proceeding. Because of this Harper’s Bazaar consulted Cristiana Causo, dermopigmenter of the studio Pink Ink in Milan, to answer the most common questions about this treatment.

It is a permanent make-up, but in a soft version. It is a tattoo that changes the color of the lips, giving them a healthier look. It is carried out on the natural structure and volume of the lips, without ever going to the contour. The first treatment takes place in two sessions, carried out one month apart from each other. The first session lays the foundation for lip design, color and implanted pigment. The second session is called the “refinement session”, useful for improving any imperfections on the shape, color and saturation of the pigment. The result lasts from two to three years. If you want to keep a brighter color, I recommend a booster session once a year.

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Color is a nuance made up of many dots. It is decided by the operator, starting from the initial vermilion color of the patient’s lips, which varies according to the complexion. The lip blushing, as the word itself says, accentuates the base color of the lips, without upsetting. Being a tattoo done with needles is definitely annoying, but not overly painful. In any case, a desensitizing cream is applied before and during the treatment. In the pre phase, it is necessary to carry out a scrub that removes skin and dead cells, so that you can work on a “canvas” free of imperfections. It is also important to apply a cream that restores hydration and repairs the labial mucosa before going to bed. Obviously, the more the lips are cared for, the better the result will be. In the post phase, however, you must not expose yourself to the sun’s rays (not even lamps), no sauna, no spa, no swimming pool. The lips should be treated as an injured area, washed only with water, and nourished with a specific repairing cream based on vitamin E.

For anyone who has the filler, the two can go hand in hand. Lip filler often stretches the skin and can make it more translucent; Lip blushing helps to define shape and add color so you can avoid using lipsticks or glosses. The treatment session lasts about two and a half hours, a slow and meticulous work that is completed in two sessions. In case the customer is not satisfied with the final result, there are removal methods available to remove the color, among which the best known is the laser. However, the technique, done correctly, gives a very natural effect and improves the appearance of the lips. The best way to avoid disappointment is to turn to an artist who has many years of experience in this practice. In short, as in love, it is always better to find the right person, before taking the plunge.

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