A look at the spring beauty-case: the news, between skincare and make-up

A look at the spring beauty-case: the news, between skincare and make-up

With the arrival of summer, not only the wardrobe changes but also the products we use for face and body care, which must be adapted to the period. This season is usually expected a make-up that is multi-function: soothing (to relieve dermatitis or allergies) and curative (spots or acne) but at the same time that gives brightness and nourishment to the skin without forgetting a good SPF factor, or the sun filter. For the body, it is better to opt for products with a detox effect or those targeted for shock cellulite or sagging skin. If you still use the masks, for work or on public transport, face creams rich in vitamin C and refreshing. For the hands nourishing and anti-aging creams and for the nails better enamels with fortifying ingredients. Hair also needs its proper care: products that not only protect them from the sun and pollutants, specific shampoos and creams that nourish them and make them shine (the sun and the heat dry up the hair a lot). THE perfumes they change and become lighter: from the flowery and citrusy ones to the perfumed waters up to those ‘made to measure’. And finally, some accessories: hairdryers or hair straighteners, which not only avoid frizz but illuminate the hair, and vitamins to make them look beautiful.

GenZ and product hybridization

Generation Z is a digital generation and has been putting a lot of pressure on brands in recent years. They ask for an answer to their needs ever faster and more proactively. Consumer spending has shifted from makeup to skincare. Palmer of Forma Brands, parent company of Los Angeles-based beauty and cosmetics brand Morphe, says (fonte Vogue Business) that this evolution is strongly linked to the concept of self acceptance. “People want to show their skin and freckles and structures,” Palmer says. From a product perspective, this trend has led to what Palmer calls ‘product hybridization’. The skin care ingredients are thus included in the make-up products.

Baby Boomers, healthier face and aware wrinkles

In the opposite age group, the one that goes roughly from the second half of the fifties to 75, users are looking for reliable products, for greater ‘beauty’ visible in a short time but not too invasive (once the request for surgical-aesthetic treatments). Baby boomers use the web and often use it for shopping. They prefer a bright make-up that highlights their strong point, without hiding too much flaws.

Sales data

According to an analysis by The Ultimate List of Beauty Industry Stats skincare is expected to generate up to € 168 billion by 2025. Lockdown and smartworking have really changed the beauty routine and choice of products. While overall sales fell, 22% of women reported in the survey that they spent more time and money on skin care, favoring the use and purchase of cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliants and scrubs. On average, according to the survey, women use as many as 5 skin care products per day. Self-care is a serious investment. Haircuts, makeup and skincare are the top 3 categories of spending. Instead for Deals on Health 48% of millennials use face products with CBD oil (cannabidiol oil, cannabis). 35% of women aged 60 and over use makeup products every day. Consumers are 40% more willing to try new beauty products than before the coronavirus pandemic. It is also estimated that the market for organic and natural beauty products will reach breathtaking figures in 2027.

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