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Solid format, sustainable packaging right from the ink on the boxes, with a single ingredient, concentrated and active formulas because without water, vegan:
the external beauty of the face, body, hair is more and more associated with the health and well-being of the person and the planet earth. Minimalist, conscious, i.e. aware, ethical, ecological as many brands write in their advertisements and yet also hyper-technological, with a large investment in research behind the formulations covered by patents. It’s the new beauty.
The days of the Cosmoprof in Bologna, the world fair returned after the stop due to the pandemic, the most important in the world for the sector, gave an overview of everything that is current trend and for the future.
Some beautiful ones have been seen here are the ones that most struck for originality but also because they are linked from company to company, from country to country – from Australia to Mongolia, even to Ukraine with 4 brave young women who arrived after days of travel to propose their novelties – with an ideal red thread.
Let’s start with gadgets, that is devices for the face and body. Some are already very popular, massage, epilate, deep clean, but how about Haruen?
We know that TV series have started to influence fashion but now also beauty. This Haruen, a kind of egg with different shapes – all gold or designed with the panda, discreet or conspicuously colored – is an accessory that the Chinese and Koreans cannot do without since the protagonist of a famous Asian series keeps it in her bag. and brings it out in every episode.
It is an oil monster: made of volcanic stone, it is massaged on the skin before putting on make-up making it matt or opaque for a long time, dabbing on the screw every now and then to remove the shine and to massage and in the evening it is used with the detergent to remove make-up and finally acts as a facial massager. All about the size of a kinder egg.
For tattoo fanatics there is also a fun tool this Korean, Prinker brand and also winner of one of the prizes awarded every year: after choosing a design from an app, this mini device as big as a mobile magically digitally prints the design on the skin for an absolutely removable tattoo effect with a couple of showers but very similar in color and consistency to one made with needles.
The eyes are in the foreground as these endless months with the mask have imposed. Then everything that concerns the gaze abounds. They range from the brow lift illusion of the Swedish Depend, a transparent wax that lifts the eyes with a special patented cross brush, to false eyelashes, an expanding world. There is the so-called Kim effect, which stands for Kim Kardashian, with fawn eyelashes made using tufts of various lengths to thicken unevenly, then the wet effect is all the rage with false eyelashes artfully made here and there to look natural , the eyeliner effect that lengthens the eye in addition to the already known lamination that curves them. Everything that is treatment for eyelashes and eyebrows goes crazy, with brands, also here from Sweden like, Xlash that produce only on this: serums enriched with vitamin E for example, while from Korea the browscara or mascara for the eyebrows – is in the box super hygienic with retractable brushes. While the Swiss Na’e has a sort of ergonomic mirror to rest on the lower and upper eyelid while putting on the mascara to avoid getting dirty and put it precisely even if you are short-sighted or with motor problems.
The Korean pavilion has been the most popular for years: Korean beauty means avant-garde ideas in the sector. Their routine is made up of products on products for a beauty ritual that is time given to oneself, at least a dozen in the morning and in the evening, even if it must be said they are working in the opposite direction given the many 3 in 1 products, once upon a time banned from there.
Well from Korea, the masks trend is to make your head spin: a patchology in which masks in sheets, in gels, in soaked discs are for every use, every single wrinkle or problem. Top ingredient hyaluronic acid in all sauces. Pad, patch, gel mask, sheet mask are the terms to know. They are no longer used once a week but are objects for daily use. Purederm has invented an 88% natural origin vegan mask that is a gourmet experience: yes
mix coffee mask with vegetable milk mask enriched with retinol and blueberry extract and when you open and combine them, the scent that comes out is that of coffee milk at the bar, the same for that with green tea.
For the lips, even here to choose from dozens and dozens. A curious one is the Rainbow that moisturizes, firms and nourishes and is 95 percent of natural origin, these percentages declared on the packaging are one of the strong trends given the increasing awareness of the consumer. So what does the Korean raibow do? The gel reacts with the temperature of the skin and gradually absorbs, thus becoming personalized: if it turns red it is the watermelon and grapefruit moisturizer that has been activated, if it turns blue it is vegan collagen for a firming effect.
The micro-needles hidden in these pads, swabs for the botox effect, are very launched, always made in Korea. The patches and pad needles everywhere and apparently do not bother except an initial pinch.
For the face, the trends are boosters: serums enriched with vitamin b, c and aloe, hyaluconic to be added as desired before the face cream or even on the hair. They have been proposed by Italian companies such as Luxebe or US giants such as Dermalogica, from the Spanish brand Superdrug that focuses on peony to correct discoloration to the Polish Scandia that combines ozonated oil and hyaluronic for a powerful anti-aging moisturizing effect.
Comfort zone has a smoothing firming serum also made of hyaluronic acid, 99% of natural origin. Percentages unthinkable just a few years ago. It is an Italian company of excellence that has a garden of biodiversity and for years has been a pioneer in certified natural and vegan research without silicones, animal derivatives. for a conscious beauty, the result of a great investment in research. Hyaluronic acid also from Syster which made its debut at Cosmoprof. Italian brand, vegan, in the Never Too Late plumping serum declares 95.30% natural ingredients.
From abroad, apart from Korea and the well-known giants of America and Great Britain, Mongolia appeared with a collective all of women, seven, with products deriving from nomadic traditions, proposed very practical multifunctional creams, face, body with highly concentrated ingredients and all super green, like solid shampoos – another supertrend – in this case scented with Siberian pine. And even abroad while Scandinavia creeps on nails and eyes, it is Poland that stands out with many proposals, all super natural, of which they were pioneers in unsuspected times with the Ava eco garden, creams with tomato and peas from a few years ago. .
Cleansing aside: less and less packaging, less and less ingredients, ranging from the reusable glove in very soft technological fiber for perfect make-up removal by simply wetting it with water (from the Polish brand Glov) to the American Dermalogica with powder-based illuminating exfoliating powder of rice and salicylic acid, a best-selling product, while from Korea white in milk toner is a milk and tonic at the same time; rice powder and clay also for the Beauty Jar face powder wash made in Riga. The French, on the other hand, are faithful to gommage, their classic mechanical scrub for a deep cleansing of dead cells, as the professional Institute Estheder Paris points out. Solid bars without water are a super trend for shampoo, conditioner, mask and body wash and increasingly enriched with natural fragrances or seeds for a scrub effect as from the Swiss brand Soap minute.
As for dental hygiene
to solid dental pads, a classic of the English brand lush now widespread by various green brands such as the Italian natural workshop, without fluoride, dyes, nickel free, there is a gourmet experience in tooth cleaning. Forhans, a brand that has been around for years, experiments with multisensory, not just a simple toothpaste
but a fresh gourmand paste: with spiced cinnamon, lemon, aloe but also with colloidal nano silver with gold particles with activated carbon in combination with toothbrushes with 10,000 super-soft bristles enriched with purifying gold ions.
For hair, there are many super-specialized brands such as the English Boucleme which has plant based products exclusively for curly hair or the Israeli Michel Mercier who has had a patent on professional brushes for all kinds of use, including the new detangling for curly hair that can finally be combed. world.
To finish the hands
the sanitizing gel helped us during the pandemic but it also dried the skin surface, so many products have improved the formulas becoming more and more efficient. For example, there is a biphasic lipoalcoholic from Bioderma which saves the skin barrier from dehydration, eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi but at the same time re-softens and softens.

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