Mini beauty guide for the bride, or how to prepare for the wedding day

Mini beauty guide for the bride, or how to prepare for the wedding day

After two years of restrictions and mini size weddings, penalized by spacings and masks, it is finally possible to imagine a wedding day serene, spontaneous and – if desired – in style. For those who already had the fateful date of their wedding on their calendar, here is a piece that is right for you, dear (almost) brides. We know perfectly well how many things you have to manage in these months, including participations, guest list, choice of menu, location (etc etc etc). But think of you too, please! On the day of Yes, I want the bride has to radiate light, appearing like a modern princess, simply gorgeous at center stage. Here, then, are the face and body treatments to get to the wedding in dazzling shape and with a fresh and rested appearance.

6 beauty treatments for the bride

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1 For plump and radiant facial skin

“A minimally invasive treatment to give the almost bride’s face a surplus of vitality and hydration is represented by combo medical peeling and biorevitalization“. To speak is Dr. Riccardo Midolo, aesthetic doctor of LabQuarantadue Milan.” However, take this protocol into account at least 10 days before the wedding, because slight redness and bruises may appear near the injections. The peeling, with cockatil of active ingredients customized according to the type of skin, gently and effectively removes dead superficial cells, restoring elasticity and smoothness to the face. Biorevitalization, on the other hand, involves a series of (painless) injections vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and hyaluronic acidfor a soft, hydrated and deeply nourished skin “.


2 For hydrated and voluminous lips

Especially after a certain age, it can easily happen that the lips lose turgor and softness, thanks to the physiological decrease of hyaluronic acid in the body, recalls the learned Carlo Borriello, aesthetic doctor and maxillofacial surgeon of Medical Beauty Spot in Milan, Lucca and Malta. “Without being tempted by (now outdated) maxi lips, yes to a hyaluronic acid filler in order to redesign and hydrate the labial mucosa, giving the mouth sensuality, harmony and a new youth. The technique used is injective, with the use of a micro needle. Today we can count on high quality hyaluronic acid, stable for a long time and able to stimulate the natural production of collagen, with an enjoyable effect for about 8 months “.


3 For long and defined lashes

“Imagine a look made magnetic and very sweet by perfectly curved lashes, ordered and intensified by a total black color”, comments the beautician Rosy Trindade, owner of Brazilian Beauty Center in Milan. “Lash lamination gives this result. Ideal for those who want to look naturally beautiful, opting for a minimalist make-up that puts the lashes in the foreground. We proceed with a first phase of curving using special pads, and then color each single eyelash black. The excellent news is that today you can count on dyes enriched with nourishing and polishing active ingredients, to give your lashes a moment of pure well-being, favoring their strength “.


4 For toned and youthful body skin

Whatever the age of the bride, the imperative is only one: to show off a toned body, with smooth and firm skin. According to Angela Noviello, head of the beauty division of Milano Estetica, “a couple of months before the ceremony, start a cycle with a weekly radiofrequency session. You will not regret it. “What to expect from this technology?” Able to mitigate microcirculation disorders, tone the skin and reduce cellulite and adiposity, radiofrequency triggers the production of new collagen in the skin when the handpiece (pleasantly warm) passes through ” .


5 For light legs and without cellulite

Let’s say that your wedding dress is quite short, with visible legs: enhancing them is your priority. Regardless of the length of the dress, to ensure light legs, targeting orange peel skin and stagnation of liquids in one fell swoop I invite you to a cycle of carboxytherapy aimed atthe area with imperfections, classically thighs and buttocks “, underlines Dr. Angelo Leone of Studio Medico Adigrat in Milan.” Medical therapy of proven efficacy, uses carbon dioxide administered in a gaseous state. The session is short, but able to improve the microcirculation, helping to oxygenate the tissues, with a draining and lipolytic action “.


6 For tidy eyebrows

For some time now, we have grown fond of bold, thick and intense brows. “But be careful not to slip into copy and paste of the current trend”, warns Claudia Milia, founder of Atelier Plumes, wisely. “It is very important to rely on a brows expert qualified, able to carefully study the proportions of the face, the style of the person and his natural colors. Brow shaping can include straightening the brows so that you can style them as you wish. As well as dyeing, hair removal (super precise) with Arabic thread, the use of henna and, above all, lamination, capable of giving a long-lasting crease to the eyebrows, creating a sense of order, as well as nourishing and polishing the hairs “.


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