Fashion sound: a vision from the point of view of furniture

Fashion sound: a vision from the point of view of furniture

It is not the first time that, as a high fidelity enthusiast and expert, I have been asked for advice about the inclusion of an audio system in the room. Not all people are logically the same, so sometimes the request takes into consideration aesthetic aspects that allow a trauma-free integration, mainly from the point of view of furnishings and the inevitable and always (or almost) present WAF.

Sifting through our articles – which we propose to you with constancy and commitment in order to help you choose a system or audio components that can give you maximum satisfaction – it is not difficult to find publications relating to devices that in addition to performance, a clearly salient aspect, they take care of the aesthetics in order to make their presence pleasant in the environment.

Not that an audio component necessarily has to be bad, but since form usually follows functionit has repeatedly happened that a device presents itself in a way that we could define utilitarian, that is, not too cared for in appearance since this is considered secondary.

We all know the first amplifiers produced by the American KRELL – but there would be many more examples – practically black parallelepipeds in which the protrusions due to the cooling fins of the final stages were dangerously exposed without too many problems.

Or, just to further complicate the existence, some specimens with tubes not only large but with a particular aesthetic of which an excellent representative can be the LINE MAGNETIC 805, a fascinating specimen with clear period references.

The LINE MAGNETIC 805: its appearance recalls that of a laboratory instrument, not exactly the best for the purpose of a painless insertion into the environment

Obviously, similar aesthetics do not really represent the best and inserting beasts of the genre into your home – often two if we consider mono versions of many amps – becomes concretely difficult, also for the fact that it does not end there, it is necessary to consider source, preamplifier and speakers ( and let’s not forget the cables).

It is not difficult to imagine the impact that such an ensemble can have on home furnishings, which are almost outrageous; so, unless you have a dedicated environment where you can do as you want – something that not many can afford – it will be necessary to frame the situation well in a perspective that is more usable by the aesthetic-functional point of view.

Apart from architects – although said with the utmost respect, they are still characters led to even more pragmatic insertions, favoring the architectural rather than sound point of view – the insertion of a high-fidelity system into the environment inevitably passes through the caudine forks of the wife and actual possibilities offered by the space available.

With reference to these aspects, the request very often refers to an aesthetic pleasantness that limits to the maximum the impact that a few lines above illustrated.

The remarkable PROJECT model X1

A couple of friends very attentive to aesthetics – in a sensible way in any case – were oriented towards a set of white color since the colors of the furnishings of the house are eminently based on this color: here is therefore a nice turntable PROJECT X-1 white lacquered and already equipped with a cartridge (an ORTOFON 2M Silver custom renamed PICK IT S2), accompanied by an amplifier DENON PMA-800 in the classic Silver Premium of this company, as well as a nice pair of INDIANA LINE loudspeakers series TESI model 542 HIGH GLOSS version have found a hotel in their living room.

The beautiful diffuser produced by INDIANA LINE here in the defined white version High Gloss

A respectable system that admirably combines aesthetics and performance, truly a remarkable piece of furniture; then we are talking about a cost of around 1700 euros, not too high for the general quality offered.

Once “the stereo” was an integral part of the furniture, and any house you had the opportunity to visit would not fail to exhibit – often proudly – a beautiful system for listening to music, something that should always be an integral part of our culture.

Over time and with the advent of new technologies that make listening certainly practical but also less busy – Bluetooth speakers, streamers and more – we have lost the habit of considering a good HiFi system as a necessary piece of furniture, but not it is said that it cannot be recovered, even in the light of the many concretely pleasant proposals available on the market.

Come on, get under it!

And as usual, great listening !!!

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