EVO oil: from the table to the beauty routine, ten things you may not know

EVO oil: from the table to the beauty routine, ten things you may not know


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dietician nutritionist, pharmacist and author of the best seller “Health Revolution, the 5 Pillars of health”, because it provides a correct answer to our needs and can, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies, give life to


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beauty routine


1 – EVO oil, the cosmetic also used by Cleopatra

: extra virgin olive oil has been known since ancient times for its beneficial properties and as a cosmetic. According to legend, among the first to discover its benefits were the goddess of beauty Aphrodite and subsequently the beautiful Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, who made extensive use of scented ointments based on olive oil, of which she appreciated the exceptional rejuvenating effect on the skin and illuminating the hair, as evidenced by numerous archaeological finds.

2 – Also known by Homer:

consumed throughout the Mediterranean area, at the time of the great Greek poet this precious food for health, by virtue of its exceptional characteristics was called “liquid gold”. EVO oil, the main food of the Mediterranean diet, belongs to our cultural, health and gastronomic heritage, what is universally defined as the “Heritage of Italian Lifestyle”, heritage of the Italian lifestyle.

3 – Protagonist of contemporary cosmetics:

modern cosmetics has treasured the millenary testimonies and today offers beauty treatments in innovative formulations, which make the most of the numerous properties of EVO oil. In fact, olive oil is ideal for treating dry and dehydrated skin thanks to its emollient action, and counteracts the loss of water from the epidermis, keeping it hydrated and soft.

4 – Super antiage:

thanks to its concentration of antioxidants, EVO oil fights free radicals, responsible for skin aging. Olive oil is characterized by moisturizing, toning and antioxidant properties, thanks to the presence of precious substances: vitamin E, which fights free radicals, vitamin A, responsible for skin regeneration, oleic acids that make the skin soft and elastic, and finally the polyphenols, natural antioxidants, which nourish the skin and protect it from damage caused by atmospheric agents and the passing of time.

5 – A natural hydration booster:

for intensely nourished skin, Evo oil is ideal. It keeps the epidermis elastic and protects it from damage by atmospheric agents. Also perfect for future mothers: used from the first months of pregnancy, in fact, olive oil effectively prevents the formation of stretch marks. To avoid these hateful blemishes, it is necessary to massage the affected parts two or three times a day with EVO oil, insisting on the critical areas, that is, thighs, buttocks, belly, breasts and the inside of the arms.

6 – In the Korean beauty routine:

in the country of the Far East, facial skin care is very important, almost maniacal. Skincare includes cleansing the face with an oily element, to remove any makeup residue and to thoroughly clean the skin by removing pollution dirt and any excess sebum, and also requires over ten steps between cleansing and hydration.

7 – The fat that eliminates fat:

One of the main benefits of olive oil on the skin of the face is its cleansing function. Olive oil is able to dissolve dirt, smog, sebum and make-up present on the skin with a deep but light action. On a dry face, just sprinkle half a tablespoon of EVO oil on the skin and massage it thoroughly with your hands all over the face. After the massage, rinse your face with a damp microfibre cloth, which also allows you to do a light scrub, or with the foaming cleanser you usually use: an effective and delicate “double cleansing”.

8 – Against impurities and dry skin:

Olive oil on the face is also used to make a natural scrub capable of removing impurities and dry skin, leaving a pleasant feeling of silky smooth skin. A few ingredients are enough for an olive oil scrub: for example, you can use sea salt after mixing it with half a tablespoon of EVO oil to massage on the “T” zone, where there are usually more impurities, and then rinse the skin with warm water. If the skin is very sensitive, brown sugar can be used instead of salt, always to be mixed with half a tablespoon of EVO oil.

9 – Strengthens nails and hair:

the virtues of EVO oil are endless, since it is also precious for hair care, which protects against external aggressions, deeply hydrating them and making them healthy and shiny. Applying olive oil on the hair, in the form of a mask, makes it shinier and shinier and helps in case of scalp irritation. Also perfect for manicures, it should be massaged on hands and nails or used to make a hand bath: it softens the cuticles and strengthens the nails as well as making the skin softer and more elastic. In view of the next exposure to the sun, here is the recipe for an after-sun hair pack: distribute a mixture of olive oil, jojoba oil and drops of rosemary essential oil on the lengths of damp hair, leave on for half a minute. now and then wash your hair very well with shampoo to remove oil residues.

10 – Against dermatitis and sunburn:

EVO oil has a soothing and emollient effect and is excellent for chapped skin or to calm irritation, inflammation, redness and dermatitis because it acts as a natural antibacterial. Olive oil, well tolerated by all skin types, can be used to soothe the epidermis following burns and erythema caused by excessive exposure to the sun or to calm the itching and discomfort caused by dermatitis of various nature.

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