Sustainable beauty: how to make our routine greener

Earth Day 2022: the world of beauty and environmentally conscious initiatives – iO Donna

Iestablished in 1969, Earth Day 2022 is the right opportunity to take stock of the situation on how the world of cosmetics and beauty is increasingly taking care of the environment. An attention that also involves the consumers themselves.

Because of this more and more beauty brands are investing in cosmetics that are more attentive to the environment between recycled and recyclable packs but also a greater awareness of the territories from which the raw materials come.

Earth Day 2022, beauty initiatives

Sustainable beauty: how to make our routine greener

Rewild our Earth at YSL

This is the case, for example, of YSL Beauty which has inaugurated a new highly sustainable project by supporting Rewild our Earth. The aim of the initiative is to support biodiversity and the ecosystem of the countries with which the brand collaborates. Rewind our Earth it is in fact an association that operates worldwide in the preservation of nature, biodiversity, indigenous cultures and also collaborating with the populations in the development of the local economy.

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In particular, YSL Beauty becomes a partner of the association this year, committing itself to protecting the territories from which the raw materials come used for the cosmetics of the brand from exploitation and degradation. In particular, the project will involve the maison in Morocco, Indonesia, Madagascar and Haiti.

Armani Beauty preserves water in the world

From 2012 to today Acqua for Life has invested 12 million euros in projects dedicated to water involving 437,000 people in 21 countries around the world including Argentina, Madagascar, Nicaragua and Senegal and allowing them daily access to clean water. For the Earth Day 2022 Giorgio Armani’s initiative will involve Kenya and South Africa.

In Kenya Armani Beauty will support the WASH program (water, sanitation, and hygiene) by Unicef. In the country 38% of the population cannot access basic water-related services and 67% basic sanitation, the project is committed to bring about an improvement in water supply in rural Kenyan areas and easier access to health services, operating within schools and responding to emergencies.Earth Day 2022

In South Africa, Acqua for Life will support WaterAid. The initiative will focus on two realities, those of Mamburu and Maangane which count 2800 people, which will be concretely helped over the course of a year in three fundamental actions: improvement of access to clean drinking water, the adoption of good sanitary practices with the installation of hand washing stations, also in delimiting the spread of Covid-19, and training aimed at guaranteeing the sustainable services of WASH. Thus guaranteeing Acqua for Life’s commitment to offer free access to clean and drinkable water.

The work of the Pierre Fabre group on packaging: the “Green Index”

A, B, C or D? Not just letters but real indicators of environmental impact. Pierre Fabre has created Green Index, a four-value scale that indicates the influence of the cosmetic product on nature and society. Also respecting the relationship of trust established with customers, who are increasingly worried about how much it impacts on the environment every day, the French brand has thought of a eco-social-solidarity score that does not evaluate the performance of the product but its impact on the environment.

AFNOR Certificationan internationally recognized independent certification body, evaluated the twenty criteria established by Pierre Fabre how reliable and solid to guarantee cosmetics with a low environmental impact; among these the biodegradability and naturalness of the formula, the carbon footprint, the consumption of water and the origin from organic farming. One reliable, real and intuitive information tool for the final consumerfacilitated in its choice and in a greater conscious consumption.

Institut Esthederm in aid of bees and the ecosystem

Institut Esthederm confirms its support for the Pollinate the Planet project conceived and promoted by the startup 3Bee in the protection of bees. For the third consecutive year, in fact, the brand in fact, it adopts hives with a Hive-Tech monitoring system, equipped with a network of ioT sensors that monitor the well-being of these insects, helping to reduce the mortality of the colonies affected by the phenomenon by 33%. The project is part of a broader green context that the brand is pursuing while respecting the leather and environmental ecosystem.

In this regard, on every order placed on, 1 euro will be allocated to this cause.

Garnier and the One Green Step towards a more sustainable beauty routine

Alongside brands, consumers also make their contribution. The annual research One Green Step conducted by Garnier for 2021 has in fact highlighted that 83% of the consumers involved would like to act in a more sustainable way but only 5% are able to do so in practice.

The reason? Apparently green habits but wrong. For this Garnier has come up with a haircare routine to start adopting for Earth Day 2022 in order not to actually impact the environment.

The liquid shampoo is replaced by the solid one, which allows not only to avoid the use of plastic but also to choose products composed of 94% natural ingredients. The next step is the conditioner, designed not to be rinsed off to avoid excessive use of water. Small steps to take care of your hair and also of the world.

Fueguia, ode to nature in perfumes, all year round

Earth day is every day “as Julian Bedel usually says, founder dell’argentino Fueguia 1833creator of 100% vegan fragrances.

Composed of biodegradable ingredients and ethanol of organic origin, its fragrances involve local communities in the production, including ancient cosmetic recipes in the production and promoting economic growth while respecting communities and their environment.

An attention to raw materials and packaging that Fueguia 1833 also shares with vVardis, an oral care brand that draws inspiration from the Swiss Alps for its ingredients; in particular from edelweiss and rhododendron extract: hand-picked and cultivated without the use of chemicals.

Nature at the heart of small Italian cosmetics

Nature becomes more and more the protagonist of beauty and not only for Earth Day 2022. The first cosmetic line signed by Varsana Spa, the complex inside the Varignana Palace among the Bolognese hills, it contains ingredients such as pomegranate, extra virgin olive oil and Sangiovese grapes all exclusively at zero kilometer.

Because the support of the territory has become fundamental for cosmetics in recent years and involves both big brands and smaller ones: Biofficina Toscana has been present for 12 years in the Tuscan territory with the great objective of guaranteeing the naturalistic heritage of the region, choosing local and biodynamic raw materials, guaranteeing traceability and quality.

Besides support local farms that work respecting the environment by limiting its impact.

While Mina Semeraro and Incoronata Silvestri, the minds behind Anarkhia Bioalongside the conversion of all packs into bioplastic obtained from sugar cane, they also have the ambitious plan to plant a real forest, thus reducing CO2. In partnership with Treedomto date Anarkhìa Bio has replanted 206 trees, reducing 26.33 tons of CO2.


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