La migliore beauty routine contro impurità e brufoletti

The best beauty routine against impurities and pimples

Impure skin

Impure skin is recognized by the presence of shiny areas, whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. These are skin imperfections that affect many people, especially at a young age. Impure skin is in fact typical of adolescence, because in this period the sebaceous glands begin to secrete large quantities of sebum under the pressure of hormones.

In predisposed people, the sebum produced may be in excess making the shiny skin; in addition, the sebum builds up inside the pores of the skin, forming white spots. When the white points open, their contents oxidize in contact with the air, and here they turn into black points.

Squeezing whiteheads or blackheads may seem like an effective solution to get rid of them once and for all, but unfortunately this practice only tends to make the situation worse rather than fix it. In fact, when you try to get the contents of a white point or a black point out, the chances of the skin becoming inflamed and that the black point turn into a pimple increase. Although some pimples and pimples are harmless and heal without leaving obvious marks, in some people they can instead develop into acne, a disease that leads to the formation of inflamed and painful cysts. dark spots and scars deep.

This is why those who frequently notice the appearance of blackheads and pimples should devote themselves to taking care of their skin more than others. The beauty routine for blemished skin must be simple and delicate and must help remove excess sebum, reduce bacterial load and flare the skin.

Beauty routine against impurities


The skin must be cleansed in the morning and in the evening, but those with oily skin or with blackheads and pimples must be very careful in choosing the right product. Most cleansers are in fact too aggressive and poorly tolerated by this type of skin. What does it mean? Cleansers rich in surfactants, which create a lot of foam, eliminate the lipid barrier that protects the skin, making it more vulnerable to irritation. It is therefore better to choose low foaming detergents or even aromatic waters; for example, chamomile and lavender hydrolates, which help relieve inflammation, or witch hazel, sage, rosemary and tea tree waters are perfect to cleanse oily and impure skin in the morning.

Per remove make-up the face in the evening, you can use apricot oil, to be applied with cotton and then proceed with a very delicate cleanser to remove excess oil. After cleansing, both in the morning and in the evening, you have to wait one or two minutes before moving on to the second step, that is, applying the face cream.


Impure skin needs hydration but it has little tolerance for creams rich in fats. In the morning, the ideal would be to apply a light cream that contains very small amounts of vegetable oils and butters or even a completely oil-free gel. For impure skin, day creams enriched with aloe vera gel, hyaluronic acid and ceramides are excellent. In the evening, after removing the make-up, a night cream is applied instead with specific active ingredients for oily skin such as salicylic acid, vitamin A and vitamin B3, known as niacinamide; these substances help relieve inflammation, exfoliate the skin and regulate sebum production. Even for the evening, you should opt for slightly oily face creams, preferably in gels.

Choose a face cream for impure skin it can be difficult and it is always better to ask your dermatologist for advice. Once you have chosen a product, how do you know if the cream is well tolerated by your skin? A general rule of thumb is to proceed calmly and slowly, applying the cream in small amounts only two evenings a week for two weeks. Then the applications are increased from two to three times a week for another three weeks and, if the skin reacts well, proceed with using the face cream every day. This allows the skin to get used to it but also to evaluate the effect of the product: if the skin does not worsen or even improves, it means that you are on the right path; if, on the other hand, the situation worsens, use of the product must be discontinued.

Protect from the sun

The sun appears to greatly improve the appearance of blemished skin but it doesn’t. The improvement is only apparent and momentary and, in reality, i sunrays they can worsen the condition of impure skin because they tend to dry out the skin too much, irritate it and make the marks left by pimples and pimples more pronounced. Those with impure skin should therefore protect it from the sun by avoiding direct exposure and applying a cream with a sunscreen suitable for their phototype, but in any case higher than 30 SPF. The sunscreen can already be contained in the face cream that is used in the morning but, if it is not present, it is applied later; just wait a couple of minutes between applying your usual face cream and sunscreen.

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