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How S Health works

Your job forces you to spend most of the day sitting in front of a computer, so you’ve decided to spend some of your free time doing physical activity. Not being a gym freak, you have opted for a solution do it yourself and now you are looking for a tool that allows you to record the data relating to the physical exercises performed, the meals taken and that allows you to keep track of your progress. If that’s the case, I have a solution that might be right for you: it’s called S Health.

S Health (or Samsung Health) is an application that allows you to monitor your daily physical activity, with the ability to keep track of the steps taken, the distance traveled during the day and the calories burned. In addition, it allows you to add the foods eaten during the day, note the duration of sleep, view the progress and goals achieved and much more. How do you say? Is this exactly the solution you were looking for? So do not waste any more time and investigate the topic immediately.

So let me explain how S Health works and how to use it in the best way. Follow the directions I am about to give you and I assure you that in a short time you will be able to see the first progress. I just have to wish you good reading and good luck for your sports activities!


Come scaricare S Health

Before showing you how Samsung Health works i will show you how to get the application. To download the latter to your device Androidfirst make sure that the aforementioned operating system is at least updated to version 8.0 (Oreo) and, if you need to bring the operating system of the “green robot” to the latest version available, please read this tutorial of mine.

To download the app open this section of the Play Storepress the button Install at the top and wait for the download to finish. If your device does not have access to Google services, check if the application is present on the alternative stores.

Do you want to install S Health on iPhone? Then make sure that iOS is updated to at least version 9.0 and, if not, put into practice the advice I gave you by explaining how to update an iPhone. To proceed with the download, open This Page in the App Store, press the button Get / Install and, if necessary, verify your identity with Face ID, Touch ID o password dell’ID Apple. Did you get the application? Well, then read on to know how to start using it.

Come creare un account S Health

S Health icona

After downloading the application S Healthto use it, you need to create a account Samsung (also useful for carrying out backup and restore your health data). To proceed in this sense, start the aforementioned app and press the button Log in. At this point, you will be redirected to the account registration page on your default browser.

Press on the item Crea account mail below (or sign in with your account Google pressing on the appropriate button) and then tap the button Accept. Fill in the modulo that is proposed to you by entering a email address valid that you can have access to, a password at your choice, your other data, and then press the button Avanti.

Now enter, in the only field of the next screen, the code which should have come through email (also check folders Spam e Junk Mail if you don’t find it right away). To conclude the procedure, click on the button Done. Then go back to the Samsung Health app, press the button Log in and tap the button Continues to confirm login with your account.

Then scroll down the next screen and press the button first Continuesthen on the button Avanti and from here on the button Continues (then provide i permissions necessary to use the application by pressing on the appropriate buttons).

Creare account Samsung S Health

Now press the button Avanti to set up two-step verification of your account. So press on the item Set up two-step verification and type the password of the account you just created. Now press the button It begins and enter a telephone number on which you will receive the codes verification to log in. After pressing the button Submit the code enter the latter in the appropriate field, then press the button Confirmation; finally, press the button Done to finish the procedure.

Two-step verification S Health

Now you can start using the application right away. If you are not clear about something you can directly read my tutorial on how to create a Samsung account.

How to use S Health

You are wondering how the Health app works? Once you have created your Samsung account, you can finally start using the application and set your personal goals, track your progress, daily activities and achievements. How to do? I’ll explain it to you right below!

Set goals

Obiettivi S Health

To start using the application, first enter the data relating to your body and your usual physical activity. After opening the app, then press on the item Profile located at the bottom right and tap on the item Edit at the top right. Now fill in yours personal cardpointing to yours genreyours height and yours weightby pressing on the appropriate voices and filling in the relevant fields. Finally, select the level of your habitual physical activity by pressing on one of the icons placed at the bottom (those with numbers from 1 to 5) and, finally, press the button Salva.

Personal card S Health

At this point, start setting the various targets it’s really very simple: tap on the icon Home located at the bottom left and, from here, press the ≡ button located in correspondence with the icons of men who play sports (in the section Exercise). On the next screen, tap the icon of stella placed next to each of the activities you usually carry out (eg. Walk, Corsa, Cyclingetc.) and for which you want to set goals (you can select them at massimo 3).

To view more activities, click on the wording Add workouts located at the bottom right and tap on Name of the various activities; finally press the button add placed at the bottom. Next, repeat the step of pressing the icon of stella if you want to include these activities as a favorite (so you can then monitor them more easily). At this point, go back to the home tab Homeclick on the icon that represents theactivities for which you want to set a goal and, if asked, provide i permissions for the detection of the geographical position.

Now you just have to scroll through the indicators representing the distance to travelpress the button Start and then on the button Start training. Your activity will be immediately monitored and the voice of the app will inform you from time to time on the progress (meanwhile you can also turn off the device screen).

Obiettivo S Health

Once you have completed the objectives, press the button Fine and the application will show you various data such as distance traveledil the time spent onthe speed and so on. Then repeat these same steps for all the activities you want to do.

Add and track data

Scheda Home S Health

You need to know that some data, such as i steps daily and calorie burned, are automatically detected by the application, while some activities, such as the sleep duration, can be managed automatically only if you have one of the compatible devices, such as smartwatches or heart rate monitors. In the section relating to the card Home you will be immediately shown the number of steps carried out daily and on physical activity time (indicated in minutesunder the icon ofclock).

If you press the icon in the shape of heart, located at the top right, you can then get even more specific information, browse the list of the various days in which you used the app and check the activity carried out daily. In this last screen, by pressing the ⁝ button at the top right and then on the item Set goalsyou can also set daily goals (e.g. 6000 steps per day) using the indicators placed on the next screen.

Obiettivi S Health

Also, if you don’t have the tools mentioned above, you can still manually manage all the elements of S Health. In the card Homeby pressing the button each time Register located next to the items Food, Sleep e Body compositionyou can keep track of the various parameters in question (also in this case using the various indicators or by filling in the appropriate fields).

For example, if you want to record a meal, tap on the item Register placed next to the item Mealthen select the type of meal from the list (eg. Breakfast) and made use of the search bar to select the food consumed. After adding the various items from the list, press the Save as personal meal button. and then on the wording Done at the top right.

Pasto S Health

To register i glasses of water drunk daily, on the other hand, from time to time tap on the + button next to the item Glasses at the bottom of the card Home. In the section Exercise of the aforementioned card, by pressing on the item See history placed at the top right, you will see a calendar in which you will be shown day by day the physical activity you have done.

How to connect accessories

Connect S Health accessories

As mentioned above, it is possible connect S Health to compatible accessories, such as smartwatches, heart rate monitors and so on. To do this, from the Home tab of the app, press the ⁝ button located at the top right and then tap on the item Settings.. On the next screen, press on Accessories, then select the icon of the accessory you want to connect (eg Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Watch Active, Samsung Gear S2, etc.), tap on the item Register and follow the instructions provided on the screen waiting for the device to be detected.

Alternatively, if your device name is not in the list, press the button Search accessories and wait for the scanning of supported devices nearby, then tap on your device and proceed with the synchronization. Well done! You have come to the end of this tutorial on how S Health works and now the aforementioned application should no longer hold any secrets for you. Before leaving you, since I have mentioned a few, I suggest you also read my buying guide on the best Samsung smartwatches.

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