Brand Health, five useful tools for Sentiment Analysis - Digital Juices

Brand Health, five useful tools for Sentiment Analysis – Digital Juices

I am convinced that there are some words that cannot be translated from one language to another because otherwise they would lose their meaning. Such as “Brand Health“, for example. A term born almost by chance and then became one of the major success factors of companies in every sector.

To say it in our language, the health of the brand. A concept that, although foreign to many marketers, boasts incredible potential, above all because it is measurable. So let’s see what it is, and what are the useful tools to measure this value.

Brand Health: what it is and how it is measured

First of all, let’s try to define the concept of Brand Health. It is nothing more than a set of metrics that represent the brand awarenessthe brand reputation and the share of voice of the brand itself (again, it is impossible to translate terms that have a specific meaning in their original language).

To these factors are also added the customer satisfaction e le opinions of potential customers about the brand. So, to put it as simply as possible, the sum of all these values ​​gives us a clear indication of the health of the brand. Nothing could be easier and more logical.

If you want to measure this value, then you will have to use discussion groups, questionnaires e social media. And then also tools that allow you to measure different metrics. It is clear, however, that using many tools can then prove to be counterproductive. That’s why I thought I’d suggest some useful tools for sentiment analysisso as to be able to measure the reputation of the brand on social media and not just with a single tool.

Sentiment Analysis: 5 tools to use

Are you wondering what a sentiment analysis tool really does? Interpret a textsuch as a post shared on social media, so from reveal its intent and tone.

The tool then collects all this data in the form of graphs and numbers, so as to provide companies with an overview of user opinions. In this way, it is possible to monitor positive and / or negative peaks, so as to always have Brand Health under control.

There is a limit, of course. The evaluation of the tone of the written language is certainly not 100% accurate. We are talking about technological tools, which are hardly able to interpret a sarcastic tone or a specific jargon. However, this does not mean that the data provided by the tool are incorrect. By working on many metrics together, a tool is well capable of delivering overall results that are useful for businesses.

So let’s see what are the most useful tools to measure Brand Health (and more).

Awario: social media monitoring and analysis tool

1. Awario

A useful tool for social media monitoring and analysis. You will need it to monitor the health of the brand not only on social networks, but also in the news, on blogs, in forums and in general on the Net. And that’s not all. The instrument sorts the mentions by classifying them in positive, negative and neutral. If you want to monitor sentiment over time, the tool offers you the possibility to see the data in the form of a graph. In addition, Awario allows you to find out which topics are most related to your brand.

2. Hootsuite Insights

There is no need for an introduction. We all know Hootsuite, the social planning and teamwork management platform. But these aren’t the only features that make it interesting. The Insights section allows you to detect sentiment del brand and the trends that move around the brand itself. This information can be filtered by geographic location, language and genre, to give you a clearer and more defined idea of ​​your audience.

Talkwalker: effective tool for sentiment analysis

3. Talkwalker

If you are an expert in sentiment analysis (or want to become one), Talkwalker is the tool for you. This is certainly the most advanced technology in the industry. Apparently, the tool is capable of detect sarcasm and other invisible forms of negative opinion. Invisible to other tools, mind you. To make it the perfect tool we bring you the functionality of market monitoring is that customer satisfaction. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to even identify which characteristics of your products that users appreciate the most. And which ones they love least.

4. Mention

This is a well proven social media monitoring App in the industry. The name makes its functionality very clear: monitor brand mentions on social networks, news sites, blogs, forums and the Web in general. As with other tools, Mention also classifies mentions in positive, negative and neutral, thus facilitating your assessment of Brand Health. This will allow you to see if it changes over time and why, so you can take action to improve users’ opinion.

Lexalytics: the tool that analyzes sentiment from the text

5. Lexalytics

I decided to leave Lexalytics for last, a tool that offers great possibilities to those involved in sentiment analysis. The tool is capable of monitoring comments on social networks, polls, reviews and any other text document. But the additional features are even more interesting. Detection of intentions is an option that has many possibilities for use by industry experts. Seeing is believing, in any case.

Of course, the international scene offers infinite tools for sentiment analysis. It is up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs. One thing must be clear to you: the Brand Health is an important metric. If the company’s health is not good, neither will its revenues. Think about it well.

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